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July 8, 2024

Executive Chairman-McDan Group, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, has urged entrepreneurs to commit to building sustainable and innovative businesses rather than just profit-making ones.

In his address at the Global Quality Brands Summit and Awards, Dr. Mckorley highlighted the need for entrepreneurs to embrace diversity and create environments that foster creativity and collaboration. He emphasised the importance of leveraging platforms to advocate for policies that promote economic stability, environmental stewardship and social equity.

He noted that entrepreneurs have a unique capacity to forge pathways that tackle societal issues head-on. He added: “Whether it is developing sustainable logistics solutions, pioneering advancements in the way we mine to eliminate the harmful effects of galamsay or leveraging technology to bridge educational gaps, the entrepreneurial spirit is inherently aligned with problem-solving and progress”.

He indicated that the challenges faced today, from climate change to unemployment, demand bold thinking and decisive action – which are the hallmarks of entrepreneurship. By harnessing collective dedication, entrepreneurs can drive not only economic prosperity but also meaningful, lasting change, he added.

Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice President,Professor Kwaku Appiah-Adu, in his remarks on the theme ‘Celebrating Global Premium Quality Brands in Ghana’ said introducing global premium quality brands into the local market has a cascading effect on the economy’s various sectors.

The retail industry for instance, he said, has witnessed a transformation in terms of quality and variety of products available to consumers. This has led to heightened consumer expectations, compelling local retailers to improve their offerings and customer service standards.

Additionally, the presence of these brands has stimulated growth in ancillary sectors such as logistics, advertising and real estate, creating a multiplier effect that benefits the broader economy.

Prof. Appiah-Adu stated that in celebrating global premium quality brands, it is essential to acknowledge the role they play in enhancing the nation’s infrastructure and human capital development,

The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Bernice Owen-Jones, advised entrepreneurs to embrace climate-smart solutions to thrive as sustainable competitive global brands.

The High Commissioner also lauded home-grown initiatives that offer African solutions to local challenges, citing the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as a significant opportunity for intra-Africa trade growth.

With the AfCFTA aiming to increase trade by 81% and remove 90% of tariffs on goods by 2035, the High Commissioner called for effective implementation of this trade agreement by the government of Ghana and other African nations.

These are the brands and individuals awarded at the Global Business Quality Brands Awards ceremony: Premium Multinational Banking Brand of the Year 2023, Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited; Premium Synthetic Engine Oil Brand of the Year 2023 – GOIL PLC Super Synthetic 5W-30 Oil; Premium Digital Transformation Service Brand of the Year 2023 – Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA) Prestige Service; Premium SME Banking Brand of the Year 2023 – OmniBSIC Bank Ghana Limited; Premium Paper, Printing & Packaging Brand of the Year 2023 – Jay Kay Industries & Investments Limited; Premium West African Iron & Steel Brand of the Year 2023 – B5 Plus Group.

Premium Organic Chocolate Brand of the Year 2023 – Fairafric Organic Chocolates; Premium Bathing Gel Soap Brand of the Year 2023 – JRA Bathing Gel Soap; Premium Confectionary Brand of the Year 2023 – Top Choco Chocolate Spread and Drinks.

Individuals honoured were: Most Influential Multinational CEO of the Year 2023, Power Sector – Pankaj Bhati, Chief Executive Officer-AlphaTND Limited; Most Influential Woman CEO of the Year 2023 – Osafohene Dr. Afua Asabea Asare I, Chief Executive Officer-Ghana Export Promotion Authority; Most Influential Multinational Young CEO of the Year 2023 – Mr. Brent Nartey, Managing Director-Engen Ghana Limited; Most Influential Multinational CEO of the Year 2023 – Automotive Industry, Mr. Adedamola Adelabu-Managing Director, CFAO Ghana PLC.

Most Influential Public Sector CEO of the Year 2023 – Dr. Edwin Alfred Provencal, Chief Executive Officer-Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited; Most Influential Business Executive of the Year 2023 – Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman-JL Holdings; Most Influential CEO of the Year 2023 – Mr. Moses Kwesi Baiden Jnr, Executive Chairman-Margins ID Group; Most Influential Industrialist of the Year 2023 – Mr. Mukesh V. Thakwani, Executive Chairman-B5 Plus Group; Most Influential Business Leader of the Year 2023 – Dr. Daniel McKorley, Executive Chairman-McDan Group.

The Global Business Brands Summit and Award was instituted in 2016 by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana to assemble over 200 influential CEOS, business executives, development organisations, diplomatic corps, policymakers and entrepreneurs and serve as a pivotal platform for fostering essential relationships between entrepreneurs and diplomatic representatives.

Source: B&FTonline

July 2, 2024

Executive Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr Daniel McKorley has urged the urgent need for institutions of higher learning to adapt to trending changes and become incubators of innovation in order to effectively equip students with relevant skills and the mindset needed to survive in the vigorous job market.

“It is imperative that, our institutions of high learning adapt and innovate to equipt students with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in this dynamic environment”,

According to him, the job market has rapidly shifted from just acquiring education and then getting absorbed into employment to current trends of technological advancements in the midst of globalisation where creativity and critical thinking is required to survive.

“In the past, the pathway to success were relatively straight forward, obtain a degree, secure a job, climb the corporste ladder, however, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Automation, artificial intelligence and globalisation have redefined the nature of work. The job of tomorrow would depend on just not technical proficiency, but creativity, critical thinking and adaptability. Therefore, our educational system must undergoe a transformation to forester these competencies. We must move beyond the traditional learning and embrace experimental interdidciplinary and flexible approaches to education”, Dr McKorley stated.

Addressing lecturers and students during the 2024 edition of the Students Industry Meeting (SIM) day of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Ghana on Monday July 1, 2024, Dr McKorley reiterated the need for universities and other high centres of learning to provide the avenue for students to question the status quo in a collaborative manner as they lead the change process as the future leaders.

“Educational Institutions must become incubators of innovation where students are encouraged to question, explore and experiment by promoting collaborative projects and forstering a culture of continues learining. We can prepare students not just to enter the workfore but to lead and shape it. It is only through such holistic and forward looking educational practices that we can empower the next generation to navigate and excel in the contrast interconnected world” Dr McKorley said.

He encouraged young people to exhibit the right attitude at all times, be passionate in the pursuit of their life goals and commit to service in order to become succesful in their chosen endeavours.

The SIM Day of the School pf Social Sciences is an annual event set aside for students to meet with industry players, professionals, policy makers and entrepreneurs tl share ideas, experiences and stimulate thoughts on best practices.

It is aimed at providing an avenue for the students to develop, acquire leadership and managerial skills even as they network of business lesders and potential employers.

The 2024 SIM Day was on the theme: “Empowering Our Students for tge World of Work”.

Other speakers at the event include Chief Eexeicitive Officer of MTN Ghana, Stephen Blewett, Regional Head of HR, Ecobank Ghana PLC, Provost, College of Humanities, Prof Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Prof Mavis Dako-Gyeke, Afua Gyakyewaa Prempeh of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and a Senior Lecturer, Dr Ebenezer F. Amankwaa.

Source : Eagle Ghana

June 18, 2024

Executive Chair of McDan Group Calls for African Leadership in Shipping


Dr. Daniel Mckorley, Executive Chair of McDan Group, has issued a compelling plea for increased African ownership in the logistics and shipping sectors to bolster regional trade dynamics. Speaking at AFREXIM Bank’s forum in the Bahamas, Dr. Mckorley emphasized the imperative to curtail reliance on external routes that inflate costs and logistical complexities for African enterprises.


“The current practice of exporting goods outside Africa only to re-import them is unsustainable,” Dr. Mckorley underscored. He urged financial institutions and governments to champion local ownership initiatives, enhancing operational efficiencies and economic resilience across the continent.



AFREXIM Bank Initiative: Africa Trade Gateway

Dr. Mckorley spotlighted AFREXIM Bank’s Africa Trade Gateway as a transformative platform empowering intra-African commerce. This digital ecosystem fosters seamless B2B transactions among commercial banks, driving economic growth and fostering income generation within Africa.

Impact of AfCFTA

Addressing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Dr. Mckorley acknowledged its role in simplifying intra-African trade processes. Yet, he stressed the critical need for enhanced regional connectivity and logistical infrastructure to maximize its potential benefits.

Challenges and Vision

“Control over sea routes dictates business outcomes,” Dr. Mckorley lamented the logistical hurdles stifling intra-African trade. He highlighted platforms like Africa Trade Gateway as pivotal in facilitating cross-border transactions and advocated sustained support for AFREXIM Bank’s initiatives.

In conclusion, Dr. Daniel Mckorley’s impassioned call for heightened African participation in logistics and shipping underscores a transformative moment in the continent’s economic narrative, emphasizing the urgency of indigenous capacity-building to propel sustainable development and economic integration.

Source : News Ghana

June 17, 2024

Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Dr Daniel Mckorley is making a strong case for more Africans to own the logistics and shipping space.

He believes that this is one of the surest ways to aid intra-African trade and deal with some of the challenges that most African firms face when it comes to moving goods in the region.

He noted that “The practice where products and goods from the region have to be first shipped outside the region and brought back has to stop.”

Dr Mckorley added that financial institutions and the government must also work to give meaning to this proposal.

Dr Daniel Mckorley said this when he joined other panellists, including Banking Chiefs and CEOs of some Multinational Groups at the AFREXIM Bank side discussions in the Bahamas, looking at how to improve Intra- African trade, with the look at the Africa Trade Gateway.

AFREXIM Bank and the Africa Trade Gateway

The Africa Trade Gateway is a dynamic digital trade ecosystem for commercial banks and their trading platforms. It’s one of the initiatives put together by the African Export and Import Bank to aid trade in the region.

It offers what can be described as a B2B marketplace for customers to transact more and generate more income.

McDan Group Chairman on AfCFTA and Trade on the continent

The Group Chairman of McDan Group maintained that “It is not fair that, when I produce in Africa, the product has to go Europe, before coming to a country like Senegal, that is not fair and it has to change.”

“This is increasing my cost as a producer and someone in the logistics space” the Group Chairman of McDan Group added.

“Whoever controls the sea, controls the business, and if we don’t have connectivity in Africa, that becomes a big challenge for all of us”he lamented.

Dr Mckorley highlighted how platforms like Africa Trade Gateway have helped in making payments in his local currency across the continent, and said the necessary support should be given to AFREXIM in terms of the support that they are giving to a lot of African businesses.

He maintained that “The African Free Trade Area deal, or call it AfCFTA, has helped him a lot in terms of doing business in Africa.

“It is now more stressful to do because in Africa, even though a lot of work still needs to be done,” the Chairman of McDan Group added.

Source: MyJoyOnline

April 10, 2024

In what was a fruitful high-level meeting to promote bilateral trade and investment, Maltese High Commissioner to Ghana, Jean-Claude Galea Mallia, and Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Dr. Daniel McKorley, provided joint recommendations on how to strengthen the commercial relationship between Ghana and Malta.

The two parties, who took this significant collaborative step on April 4th, 2024, at the Maltese High Commission, explored ways to enhance cooperation on trade, education, and investment opportunities between the two countries.

The meeting, which marks a historic moment in using Ghana and Malta as the gateways to their respective continental blocks in areas of free trade, ICT, Aviation, and Marine Logistics, opened up tremendous untapped potential that both countries can explore and exploit in sectors such as trade, agriculture and fisheries, financial services, tourism and culture, climate change, environment, and pharmaceuticals sectors, among others.

Dr. McKorley, Executive Chairman of McDan Group, expressed gratitude for Malta’s contributions to Ghana’s economy, community development projects, and charitable causes, and emphasized Ghana’s importance as one of Malta’s key partner countries. He also expressed his belief that the cooperation would create opportunities for young people in Ghana in the areas of education, training, and upscaling.

As part of this partnership and collaboration, McDan Group is already doing business with three (3) Maltese companies, one of which is Hatua OnPoint, a provider of finance and business software management solutions to support young ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups in Ghana.

Speaking on what this means to Malta, High Commissioner Jean-Claude Galea Mallia, who conveyed warm greetings from the Maltese people and government, reiterated his commitment to promoting friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, especially in niche sectors such as healthcare, medicines, and aquaculture.

The deliberation also served as a befitting platform for the two parties to discuss the latest advancements, discoveries, and technologies in Salt and Marine chemicals, paving the way for future innovations and collaborations.

This meeting only adds to the opportunities that would foster political, economic, cultural, and trade exchanges in Malta-Ghana relations, which have always been warm and friendly, rooted in shared values and a solid foundation.


March 28, 2024

The Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group, Daniel McKorley, has been adjudged Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time at the 14th edition of the Ghana Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive Awards.

The award was in recognition of his visionary and innovative leadership work in the establishment of McDan Group, a Ghanaian conglomerate that delivers a broad spectrum of services in shipping and logistics, oil and gas, aviation construction, salt mining, agribusiness, agro-processing and private security services in Ghana with global offices in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, China,UK and the USA.


The event which was held in Accra on the theme: “Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship as a tool for sustainable Digital Economic Development”.

It was organised by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana to celebrate and honour successful entrepreneurs, business executives and public service chief executives who have made significant and positive impact on the economy, sustained business performance and demonstrated outstanding leadership and significant business success in their respective fields over the past years.

About 36 individuals were honoured during the night.


Mr McKorley after receiving the award commended the organisers for recognising his effort and also expressed his appreciation for the recognition he received for his work.

He said the award might be in his name but the true winners were all the dedicated employees who worked day-in and day-out to make the company one of the most recognisable brands in Africa.

The business mogul said the McDan team always aimed to work as a family and had a united focus on business goals, which enabled them to work with higher expectations.

Source : Graphic Business

March 28, 2024

By Ernest Bako WUBONTO

With women-led businesses standing tall in terms of loan payback and the ability to sustain growth steadily, experts posit that it is time to inspire more women into entrepreneurship.

Leading the initiative to inspire women is Dr. Daniel McKorley, Chairman of McDan Group. He explained that with women comprising over half – 50.7 percent – of the population, their proven excellence in sustainable business management and a remarkable 96 percent loan payback rate position them as the prime candidates to drive entrepreneurship.

Dr. McKorley, who spoke in Accra at the maiden Women in Business (WIB) dialogue series organised by the B&FT, demanded that more should be done to empower and inspire more women to engage in entrepreneurial endeavours.

“Let’s inspire more women into entrepreneurship because experience has shown over the years that women are more committed to business operations than men. Women businesses are the mainstay of the informal economy and this is because they have the right attitude and mindset toward business,” he said.

Dr. McKorley reiterated that the economy cannot achieve meaningful growth without the rightful contributions of women, who constitute the majority and consistently bring dynamic solutions to the table.

Supporting the growth of women, he added, is synonymous with investing in society for sustainability as women’s business profits are often reinvested to expand their ventures, support household needs and invest in their families.

How to inspire women?

To appropriately inspire women into entrepreneurship and ensure they attain success, Dr. McKorley outlined the following: improvement in financial literacy knowledge among women for them to make informed decisions.

Another approach is to motivate women to make bold decisions and take calculated risks; thus, moving out of their comfort zone to take up roles in fields dominated by men.

Furthermore, he called for mentorship programmes – both formal and informal – to support women. Lastly, he stressed the importance of helping women build confidence and belief in themselves.

Role of GEA in encouraging entrepreneurship among women

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Enterprise Agency (GEA), Kosi Yankey-Ayeh, on her part, reiterated the need to empower more women into entrepreneurship and financial independence.

She concurred that for any meaningful economic transformation to occur at a national level, it is imperative to empower women to own and lead business endeavours, particularly ventures that extend beyond traditionally reserved gender roles.

The CEO, however, highlighted several challenges that hinder women entrepreneurs, including limited access to finance, insufficient regulatory support services, difficulty in keeping pace with technological advancements and accessing e-commerce platforms.

“Over the past seven years, we have developed various programmes that ink female entrepreneurs to various financial opportunities through targeted loans programmes such as the CAP Business Support Scheme (CAPBusSS), which provided financial support in the form of loans and grants to over 300,000 businesses,” she said.

Despite these efforts, she noted that market access remains a major stumbling block for most women-owned businesses.

Explaining further, she said: “We must provide women entrepreneurs with training to access financial support and break into markets – both domestically and abroad”.

Held under the theme ‘investing in women-owned businesses for Ghana’s transformation agenda: a call for action’, the WIB was led by notable female executives from various sectors, alongside accomplished corporate and business leaders.

The inaugural WIB served as a platform to offer insights into harnessing the potential of women-led businesses.


March 27, 2024

By Opesika Tetteh Puplampu

Accra, March 27 GNA – Dr Daniel McKorley, the Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, Wednesday said putting women at the top management of his companies is not just for equity purposes.

Dr McKorley said he cherished women and put them in managerial positions because they had more potential for business development.

“Empowering women to lead in business isn’t just about equality, it’s about unlocking the full potential for the growth of our economy and society,” he said.

Speaking at the Women Business Dialogue, he said, he had been strong and hardly bowed to failure because of the training and the courage planted in him by his late mother and that courage had lived in him till today.

The economy could not achieve any meaningful growth when women, who constituted over 50.7 per cent of the country’s population, were not empowered in the business world, indicating that no country globally could make it when half of its population was left on the sidelines.

“Our economy cannot thrive when women are not given a seat at the table. I’m sure that in looking at how to promote entrepreneurship and drive exclusive economic growth and jobs, there is no better place to start than with women,” he added.

He acknowledged females as the next global key drivers of entrepreneurship, adding that there were more women entrepreneurs in Ghana than men.

Dr McKorley explained that “the woman selling ‘Kaklo’ on the street, who has 10 or five children, feeding them together with her husband, is more of an entrepreneur than a banker sitting at a desk.”

He said about 90 per cent of the 1,200 women in Ada paid back an interest-free loan of GHs3 million he gave out, a gesture, which showed how honest they were at their businesses.

In a Harvard Business Review article, it was revealed that women-owned firms in the private sector represented approximately 37 per cent of global enterprises.

He said the percentage was rising, and those firms spanned new fashion houses to visionary high-tech businesses.

To encourage more women to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, Ghana must focus on improving their financial literacy skills by empowering them with the knowledge and understanding of financial management, accessing start-up funding, and making informed financial decisions, he said.

Dr McKorley encouraged women not to shy away from taking on risks in business, such as accessing funding opportunities, as start-up funds played a vital role in fueling work growth, so women should step out of their comfort zones and seize opportunities that may require taking calculated risks.

He called for mentorship and networking programmes for women, both formal and informal, to connect experienced businesswomen with aspiring entrepreneurs, to create a strong support system as guidance and solidarity for navigating the challenges they may face in their businesses.

Dr McKorley urged banks and financial institutions to create dedicated funds or grant programmes to support women entrepreneurs, as the provision of access to capital could be a game-changer to ensure that women had the needed financial resources to start and grow their businesses.

He called on the Government to formulate policies that promoted gender equality in business to benefit society and challenged women to break free from self-limiting beliefs and be confident for success.

Empowering women to be at the forefront of the business world was not only essential for their personal and professional growth but also for the country’s economic development.

Source : GNA


March 22, 2024

The Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr. Daniel McKorley, has been adjudged the Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time Award at the 14th edition of the Ghana Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive Awards.

The award was in recognition of his visionary and innovative leadership work in the establishment of McDan Group, a Ghanaian conglomerate that delivers a broad spectrum of services in shipping and logistics, oil and gas, aviation construction, salt mining, agribusiness, agro-processing and private security services on Ghana with global offices in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, China, UK, and the USA.


The event which was held in Accra on Saturday, March 16 was on the theme:

“Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Sustainable Digital Economic Development”.

It was organized by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana to celebrate and honor successful entrepreneurs, business executives, and public service chief executives who have had a significant and positive impact on the economy, sustained business performance and demonstrated outstanding leadership and significant business success in their respective fields over the past years. About 36 individuals were honored during the night.


Dr McKorley after receiving the award commended the organisers for recognising his effort and also expressed his appreciation for the recognition he received for his work.

He said the award might be in his name but the true winners were all the dedicated employees who worked day in and day out to make the company one of the most recognisable brands in Africa.

He said the McDan team always aimed to work as a family and had a united focus on business goals, which enabled them to work with higher expectations.

“Our collective team efforts have resulted in this incredible result, and it is a great achievement for each team member,” Dr McKorley said.

February 23, 2024

Dr. Daniel McKorley, Executive Chairman of McDan Group Ghana and Electrochem Ghana Limited has been invited as the special guest of honor at the world’s biggest salt conference currently taking place in India.

The conference, titled the International Conference on Advances in Salt and Marine Chemicals, aims to address the opportunities and challenges facing the salt and marine chemicals industry.

During the conference, Dr. McKorley will deliver a keynote address highlighting the critical role of salt in various industries. He will also discuss the need for innovative ideas and bold recommendations to tackle the challenges faced by the sector.

In addition to his address, Dr. McKorley will be meeting with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to discuss the potential for collaboration and growth in the salt industry. This meeting represents an exciting opportunity for Dr. McKorley to showcase the expertise and capabilities of Ghana on a global stage.

Dr. McKorley’s remarks at the conference will emphasize the importance of collaboration, technological advancements, sustainable transport solutions, market diversification, and the harnessing of solar salt and marine chemicals.

The presence of Dr. Daniel McKorley at the International Conference on Advances in Salt and Marine Chemicals highlights the growing recognition of Ghana’s contribution to the salt industry and positions McDan Group as a key player in this global sector.

The conference is the biggest salt and marine chemical conference in the world and serves as a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaborative efforts to ensure a sustainable future for the salt industry worldwide.




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